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Additional Information to the Environmental Impact Statement

An Additional Information to the Environmental Impact Statement (AEIS) dated October 2016 has been prepared in response to submissions and the request to provide further clarification on matters raised during the public consultation period of the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). The AEIS does not seek to duplicate the EIS but rather to complement the existing assessment by providing additional clarification on specific matters raised during the public consultation period, including Project design refinements.

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The AEIS provides:
  • A summary of submissions received during the public consultation period of the EIS
  • Response to the submissions
  • An overview of legislative changes since the release of the EIS and subsequent impacts on the project
  • An outline of project design refinements since release of the EIS due to project progression, legislative changes and submissions
  • Corrections to the publicly advertised EIS

For privacy reasons it should be noted that individual submitters will be contacted by POTL and advised of their submitter cross reference number (Refer to Appendix C1 – Submissions).

The refined project:
  • Avoids sea disposal with all capital dredge material beneficially reused in the outer harbour reclamation footprint
  • Has no direct impact in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park General Use Zone due to channel widening and through only partially deepening the channel
  • Includes a changed dredging methodology that reduces the bulking of dredged material in order to bring all material to land and reduce the size of the reclamation area
  • Proposed dredge methodology will result in reduced water quality impacts during capital dredging
  • Has incorporated Berth 12 as it forms a critical component of the outer harbour swing basin (previously, the EIS had assumed that the approved Berth 12 project will be constructed ahead of the PEP, however the introduction of the Sustainable Ports Development Act 2015 has affected the Berth 12 approval leading to its inclusion in the revised design)

EIS & AEIS Comparison Table

For ease of reference a comparison of the EIS project description and AEIS design refinements for key aspects of the Project can be accessed by clicking the button below.