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What is the Townsville Channel Capacity Upgrade?

The $193 million Townsville Channel CapacityUpgrade is Stage 1 of the Townsville Port Expansion Project and will involve widening of the shipping channels to accommodate larger commercial, cruise and Defence ships. At present, the Port of Townsville cannot accommodate ships longer than 238 metres due to the narrow sea channels. The Channel Capacity Upgrade will create 120 FTE jobs in Townsville during construction and support 245 FTE jobs in Queensland.


Why does the channel need to be widened?

Over the past 40 years ship sizes have grown significantly and are continuing to get bigger. Townsville’s shipping channels have not kept up with this growth and are about half the width of channels at other major ports. If we don’t widen the channels, ships will bypass Townsville to pick up and drop off their freight at capital city ports where they can fit, and freight will then need to travel by road or rail back and forth to North Queensland from the south. Cruise ships will also bypass our city for other destinations.

Where are approvals up to?

The Project’s Environmental Impact Statement has been approved by both the Queensland Government and Federal Government.

When will it start?

Works will commence following the finalisation of funding arrangements, which is expected mid year.

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