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Project Schedule

The Channel Capacity Upgrade will be delivered over a period of six years from 2018 to 2023.
It will create 120 FTE jobs in Townsville during construction and support 245 FTE jobs in Queensland.

Several principles were established to guide the procurement and delivery methodology for the project including:

  • Minimise disruption to commercial shipping in the channel and harbour
  • Maximise flexibility of works delivery for weather events (eg. cyclones) over the duration of construction
  • Ensure construction works are aligned with environmental approvals and conditions across the Port Expansion project AEIS and quarry approvals
  • Maximise whole of life asset cost

An indicative delivery schedule is outlined below

Delivery Schedule

A delivery model with the Port of Townsville as the Principal Contractor is preferred (direct engagement method), due to the specific nature of the major components of work. The delivery methodology has been independently reviewed to verify that the preferred methodology is viable, the selection of this methodology is appropriate, and the risk treatment and risk allocation have been comprehensively assessed.

The Channel Capacity Upgrade Project will take about 5 years in total. The first year will be preparation works on the quarry and reclamation area, with dredging commencing after that.

More than 50% of the dredging work will be carried out near the port, in the Inner Platypus Channel area. This section of dredging will take about two years. 25% or approximately 12 months of dredging work will be in Outer Platypus channel, with the remaining six months of work in the sea channel.

project schedule map