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Trade & Shipping

The Port of Townsville services a population of nearly 800,000 people, providing them with essential everyday goods such as fuel, furniture, electrical goods, cement and bitumen. North Queensland farmers export agricultural products, and mining companies need the Townsville port to export minerals.

Townsville is the biggest exporter in Australia of copper, zinc, lead and sugar and with its close locality to Asian markets, it is ideally placed to service a growing economy. More than 20 shipping lines operate out of the Townsville Port; offering more 40 services and covering 136 ports around the world.

The Townsville Port has the facilities to handle refrigerated cargo in containers. Cargo such as fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood and dairy products all currently move through Townsville to countries in South East Asia and China.

North Queensland is Australia’s largest, most diverse, most strategically connected and innovative agricultural region. With a rich supply of irrigation water, abundant sunshine and fertile soils, north Queensland supports a wide range of agricultural industries including beef production, broad acre cropping, aquaculture, fisheries and a variety of tropical and subtropical horticultural enterprises.

Trade volumes through the Port are expected to treble over the next 30 years as Northern Australia is developed to its full potential. Particularly strong growth is anticipated in containerised, refrigerated and general cargo.